limited collection

The exclusive collection was created by ASC Barrels after spotting the endangerment of certain premium barrel categories. As a matter of fact, our most demanding clients were finding it continuously more difficult to secure high-quality and exclusive barrels consistently. Thus, ASC Barrels decided to create a barrel-ageing program for the conservation of such iconic categories - in collaboration with our long-term cellars.

Our mastery of wood origins and wine impregnation processes put us in a unique position to barrel grow, in the same way, that fine and rare estates grow their exceptional wine. What is more, we have the freedom to age our barrels according to our client's specific needs.

After shining the diamonds in deep cellars, ASC Barrels is now proud to release the first batch of its limited collection…

Spanish Wine
(Olorosso & PX)

This limited edition was created to capture the sharpest expression of, on one hand, young, clean, fruity sherry, and on the other hand, old, complex, oxidative sherry.


French Sweet Wine
(Sauternes, Monbazillac, Pineau des Charentes & Vermouth)

Our heritage after 25 years of experience in the French Grand Cru gives us access to the rarest wine collections. This is facilitated by the long-standing relationships we have with local partners.


Portuguese Wine
(Ruby, Tawny, Moscatel & Madeira)

As a result of frequent trips to Portugal, we have developed expertise in Portuguese wines. ASC combines the best from these Portuguese wines with the most high-quality French oak barrels.