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Alexandre Sakon & Noam Ginossar created ASC Barrels, the flagship of ASCANIUS group, to start a New Era Of Cask (NEOC®️) for wine, beers and spirits. They spotted the potential to drive sustainable change in the barrel industry. Their ingenious idea was to give a second life to barrels.

These barrels were diamonds in the rough, previously untapped by the producers. This is when the idea of a high-quality upcycled barrel was born. Thanks to their past life experience, our barrels provide their new users with an innovative and sustainable way to mature their products.

We collaborate closely with each of our clients to produce tailored products with a unique flavor signature. To further help our clients, we also advise them on using and maintaining their barrels.

​Because we strongly believe that value is created from human relations, our wish was to build a community. A family full of passionate people who cooperate, share knowledge and push the limits of creativity.​ Welcome to ASCEND.

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