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barrel cooper work

fine & rare collection

ASC Barrels has created a barrel-ageing program in collaboration with our ageing cellars partners. Recognising the difficulties our clients were facing in sourcing aged barrels with a consistent flavour profile.

Just like fine & rare estates age their exceptional wine, this program provides us with the liberty to custom-age our barrels according to our client's specifications.

We are now proud to release our exclusive collection of fine & rare barrels...

Spanish Wine
(Olorosso & PX)

This limited edition was created to capture a range of expressions from the pure and fruity profile of young wine to the complex and oxidative tones of old wine.

olorosso px wine barrel

Portuguese Wine
(Ruby, Tawny, Moscatel & Madeira)

The development of our subsidiary cooperages in Portugal has given us the opportunity collaborate on ageing programs with premium local wineries.

porto wine barrel

French Sweet Wine
(Sauternes, Monbazillac, Pineau des Charentes & Vermouth)

Our 25-year-long relationship with the French Grand Cru scene gives us access to the rarest wine collections from châteaux and estates.

sauternes wine barrel

Perfect knowledge of exceptional virgin French woods and mature Bordeaux Grand Crus, allow us to craft unprecedently qualitative ex-wine barrels with unexpected virtues.

neoc wine barrel
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