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our historical partner : our brand for virgin new barrels

While we understand that the use of wood for maturation of wine, spirits and beer is a craft from the past, we strongly believe that it is also trade for the future. We’re driven by passion and disposition to create this future.

ASC hand-made barrels are manufactured with the finest Cognac barrel-craft tradition, merged with youth, liveliness and creativity.  First we carefully select premium quality wood from exclusive forests of known origin and pedigree. Our wood is naturally open-air dried in the Poitou-Charentes micro-climate and its 2400 sunshine hours per year. This region benefits from just enough rainfall (equivalent to 850mm of average rainfall per year), mild temperatures during winter months, blended with long hours of sunshine and pleasantly warm summers (perfect conditions for wood seasoning).


Our careful control of the wood's natural seasoning prosess, allows us to adjust the wood character to achieve the exact traditional Giraud-Galiana profile we strive for.  We have set demanding quality standards for all of the key operations in the creation of our barrels: Wood selection, Toasting & Charring (infra-red control), Pressure-testing, Finishing / Inspection and Packaging.  It is only after all these rigorous controls that we allow our barrels to carry the Giraud-Galiana brand mark as a guarantee of our tradition and quality.

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